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I was recently at a concert in Cardiff with a work colleague has the same bands that I - that was like a Saturday night, we decided to split the cost of a two-room and make a night of it. The concert was great and we drink and talk in the early morning hours. We talk about everything, even my 'interest ' in another guys cock - he was interested and printing and we discussed the kinds of things that I would try. When we returned to the hotel enjoy a smoke and then I went to the bathroom haporn to take a shower. Steve went into the bathroom while I shower I have to pee and brushing your teeth was - we were both upset and haporn talk about all sorts of things. He realized that my balls and cock - axis of shaving and asked how long I was there... He said that there is something I've done for years, and as we were talking with my cock began to swell a little. out of the shower and dried, as Steve took his shower - I lay on my bed and put the TV with my Towel have enjoyed as another vodka. Steve left the bathroom and asked if you take a closer look at my shaved cock could... I thought he was joking at first, but realized he was serious (as game), and then pulled back the towel. I was masturbating slowly for a while so haporn that my penis was very difficult. Steve ends his hand around my penis and began to masturbate - I was surprised and almost turned away, but in our drunken state, everything seemed cool and harmless. He has me really hard and then asked whether, if I do the same for him - no problem I thought, as it was already hard cock against me, when I sat on the edge of the bed, standing before him. I laughed when I saw that he was shaved, when in the shower and realized I was in the mood for shaving. He groaned has been sped up my hand and I said, haporn cum on haporn my cock - when he began to orgasm I leaned back and shot his hot cum on my belly and tail... amazing! me after a fewminutes Steve asked me to stand up and knelt before me and masturbated until my cock fully hard again - he asked me to cum on her face, which ended with... I sprayed directly in the face and chest. That's all I remember when we were both knackered Everything was fine in the morning - we agreed that the two were surprised at what had happened and said he would meet again - we have already discussed things even more and try some oral... haporn I'll tell you what develops !
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